}); Director of Program Administration. /* ]]> */ } .teamFilter-wrapper-small_button .teamFilter_2303 .current{ var avadaElasticSliderVars = {"tfes_autoplay":"1","tfes_animation":"sides","tfes_interval":"3000","tfes_speed":"800","tfes_width":"150"}; .teamContainer li{ } Coach Walsh brings 10+ years of high school and college coachingexperience to SJP. CampPrice: $300 (IncomingPrepClass of 2026 discounted rate of $125), Any questions please contact Head Football Coach Tim Roken at. /* ]]> */ var check = function() { Coach Keadyhas 25years of experience as a hockey coach. John Doto, Middle School Blue Assistant Coach, John Pynchon'01, Varsity HeadCoach Gallery 2020. .teamFilter-wrapper-small_text .teamFilter_2303 .current{ .teamFilter_3134 .teamFilterlink-small_button:hover{ /* */ border-color:#; 2022 New Jersey High School Football Playoff Brackets: NJSIAA Non-Public A. } [CDATA[ */ jQuery('.team-member').each(function() { A teacher in the Stratford school system, he is married to the former Kathleen Morrissey (SJ 1981), and they have four children; Christine (SJ 2009), Joseph (SJ 2011), Lauren (SJ 2013), Kara (SJ 2015). i += 1; Nick was an assistant coach for Johnson Central High School Men's Soccer in Paintsville, KY in 2019, and is currently the Head Boys Coach of St. Joseph Catholic High School. Founded in 1818, it is the oldest secondary educational institution in the U.S. west of the Mississippi River, and one of the largest private high schools in Missouri. jQuery(window).load(function(){ /* ]]> */ oe Dellavecchia has been coaching at St. Joes for 31 years, serving as head coach since 1998. Neutral. Head Coach: . Joseph Barszcz '01, Middle School Blue Team Assistant Coach /* */ /* */ border-color:#; Vin Miserandino, Varsity Assistant Coach } duration: 1750, var check = function() { Freshman Coaches [CDATA[ */ "I love the chance to accompany our student athletes outside of the classroom and get to know them as more complete persons. }); Lacey Allis, Middle School White Head Coach setTimeout(check, 1); check(); }); else { var current_width = current_fill.width(); current_fill.css('width', i + '%'); if (current_width == 0) { She captained both teams junior and senior year, and was a two-timeGNAC All-Starin softball. } /* ]]> */ var i = 0; Before becoming SJP's volleyball coach, Coach Sheehan coached volleyball at the collegiate level at Suffolk University. var fusionAnimationsVars = {"disable_mobile_animate_css":"0","use_animate_css":"1"}; Assistant Coach } /* fill the skills */ Fun fact:Along with coaching, Coach McCormackalso leases a horse and competes in hunter/jumper shows. var show_details = jQuery(this).find('.show-details'); [CDATA[ */ /* */ }); color:#fff; /* */ var current_width = current_fill.width(); /* progress) { Mike McCarthy, Middle School Coach [CDATA[ */ .teamFilter-wrapper-small_text .teamFilter_3134 .current{ container.isotope({ 2022 Football Roster. "I really enjoy the sport, teaching and mentoring youth to succeed in the sport also love.". Coach Finan is in his 9thyear as freshmen wide receivers coach. webkit-transition-duration: 0.8s; Additional Football Staff border-color:#; Anthony Williams }); border-color:#; queue: false He played hockey and baseball in high school, and then played hockey at Quincy College and on the University of Massachusetts Boston club team. All Rights Reserved. if (!show_details.is('div')) { } return false; /* ]]> */ transition-duration: 0.8s; queue: false Eileen Perry, Assistant Coach St. Joe's Prep scored on its first five possessions and seven of its first eight drives, while the Vikings struggled all afternoon against the stubborn Hawks' defense. Chris Tolios Varsity Assistant Coach .teamFilter_3134 .teamFilterlink-big_text:hover{ /* ]]> */ Height/weight: 6-5, 296. Grades: 6th, 7th, 8th, and Prep Class of 2027. jQuery('.teamFilter_3134 div').click(function(){ .teamFilter-wrapper-big_text .teamFilter_4910 .current{ } Don't miss out on a great opportunity this summer! Jeff Jacobs: Following tragedy, St. Joseph football enters new season with complex emotions. if (i > progress) { current_set.each(function() { background-color:#; Fun fact:While coaching basketball at Newbury College, theteam made it to the first NECC Championship game in school history. John Klein, Varsity Assistant Coach } A 2010 graduate of Springfield College, Coach Finan works for United Healthcare. } var avadaCommentVars = {"title_style_type":"double solid","title_margin_top":"0px","title_margin_bottom":"31px"}; }); [CDATA[ */ var fusionVideoVars = {"status_vimeo":"1"}; Stat Crew Roster (FRO) Roster Layout: Go; . queue: false }); The former St. Joseph's Prep head coach took the Hawks to national prominence in his nine years . }); Ed Checke Katherin Gorham, Assistant Coach Final Top 25 composite football rankings . var fusionEqualHeightVars = {"content_break_point":"800"}; !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)? var avadaSelectVars = {"avada_drop_down":"1"}; Rino Vitolo, Freshmen Assistant Coach var check = function() { var fusionVideoBgVars = {"status_vimeo":"1","status_yt":"1"}; var fusionBlogVars = {"infinite_blog_text":"Loading the next set of posts<\/em>","infinite_finished_msg":"All items displayed.<\/em>","slideshow_autoplay":"1","lightbox_behavior":"all","blog_pagination_type":"pagination"}; Mike Mahoney 75 [CDATA[ */ The Prep, winner of four state championships since 2013, uses off-the-field experiences to augment its football program. container.isotope({ easing: 'linear', All Rights Reserved. [CDATA[ */ A 1981 graduate of the school, he played both football (all-league 1979, 1980) and baseball (all-league 1981) while at St. Joes, and has been directly involved in nine of St. Joes 13 state football championships; first as a player, he was captain of the 1980 team the first football state championship in school history; as an assistant coach (1988, 1989, and 1990), and as head coach (2009, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2017, 2018 and 19). var current_width = current_fill.width(); The 2021-22 campaign was another successful year for the St. Joe's Prep Varsity Tennis Team. } .teamFilter-wrapper-small_button .teamFilter_2303 .current{ /* */ else { }); [CDATA[ */ } Tom Eighmey, Varsity Assistant Coach /* fill the skills */ Michael Driscoll, Varsity Assistant Coach } Marty Levenson, Assistant Coach /* ]]> */ if (i > progress) { [CDATA[ */ background-color:#; } They have often surprised me with their efforts even when we are behind in a game, and they have come back and won. // each A 1981 graduate of the school, he played both football (all-league 1979, 1980) and baseball (all-league 1981) while at St. Joe's, and has been directly involved in nine of St. Joe's 13 state football championships; first as a player, he was . [CDATA[ */ jQuery('.team-member').hover(function() { Ken McClendon, Middle School Assistant Coach, Brian Jasiak'07, Edward McCarthy '60 Varsity Golf Team Coach } [CDATA[ */ duration: 1750, The tennis groups is such a great group, I love being a part of this team.". /* ]]> */ var progress = current_fill.attr('data-progress-animation'); background-color:#; if (current_width == 0) { if (current_width == 0) { The St. Joseph 190-pounder went out in style on Saturday, defeating Anthony Harris (St. Peter's Prep) by a 6-3 decision en route to his first state title. Assistant Coach "Coaching gives me an opportunity to interact with the student-athletes outside of being the Director of Athletics. Rino Vitolo, JV HeadCoach } It's unlike any position in Pennsylvania, because the Hawks' program is . William McSheffrey,Varsity Assistant Coach } /* ]]> */ color:#fff; } var avadaHeaderVars = {"header_position":"top","header_sticky":"1","header_sticky_type2_layout":"menu_only","header_sticky_shadow":"1","side_header_break_point":"1023","header_sticky_mobile":"","header_sticky_tablet":"","mobile_menu_design":"classic","sticky_header_shrinkage":"1","nav_height":"60","nav_highlight_border":"3","nav_highlight_style":"bar","logo_margin_top":"0px","logo_margin_bottom":"0px","layout_mode":"wide","header_padding_top":"0px","header_padding_bottom":"0px","scroll_offset":"full"}; animationOptions: { .teamFilter-wrapper-big_button .teamFilter_3134 .current{ "I love getting a chance to work with girls who I dont teach, and its great getting to know these girls in a setting outside the classroom. color: #; How St. Joseph's Prep built a successful football program through community service and competition. i += 1; Kevin Farrington, Middle School Blue Head Coach var check = function() { var current_width = current_fill.width(); Copyright 2020 St. Josephs Preparatory School. Fun fact:Coach Dwyer has been coaching since he was 21 years old. [CDATA[ */ var check = function() { [CDATA[ */ var current_set = jQuery(this).find('.fill'); border-color:#; /* All items displayed.<\/em>","infinite_blog_text":"Loading the next set of posts<\/em>","content_break_point":"800"}; Jeff Jacobs. [CDATA[ */ jQuery.get( ajaxurl, { 'action': 'fusion_login_nonce' }, function( response ) { } [CDATA[ */ Lutheran North celebrates winning the the Class 3 District 5 championship game against Duchesne, Friday, Feb. 24, 2023, at Duchesne High School in St. Charles, Mo. One of his biggest accomplishments as a coach is helping to form bonds and friendships with current and former players. var progress = current_fill.attr('data-progress-animation'); var show_details = jQuery(this).find('.show-details'); Matt Williams, JV Head Coach }); progress = progress.substring(0, progress.length - 1); filter: selector, .teamFilter_2303 .teamFilterlink-small_button:hover{ Fork Union Military / St. Joseph's Prep. He hasintroduced basic elements of the game to the SJP team, including a forecheck neutral zone and power play. var selector = jQuery('.teamFilterlink-select_2303').val(); Defensive Coordinator [CDATA[ */ [CDATA[ */ var show_details = jQuery(this).find('.show-details'); check(); else { return false; /* */ }); Come join the St. Joseph's Prep Football Staff and Players to prepare yourselves to play at the highest level in your 2022 football season. check(); Assistant Coach .teamFilter_2303 .teamFilterlink-small_text:hover{ }); .teamContainer li{ filter: selector, animationOptions: { The Hawks finished the season riding the crest of a 10-game winning streak to close the year 11-3. Jeff Cann, Assistant Coach, Dave Crowell,Varsity HeadCoach jQuery( '.fusion-login-nonce' ).html( response ); }); Rob O'Chander '04, Assistant Coach .teamFilter_2303 .teamFilterlink-small_text:hover{ animationOptions: { color:#fff; background-color:#; } return false; .teamFilter-wrapper-small_text .teamFilter_4910 .current{ .teamFilter_3134 .teamFilterlink-big_text:hover{ Al Lisitano, Freshmen Assistant Coach easing: 'linear', check(); var simcal_default_calendar = {"ajax_url":"\/wp-admin\/admin-ajax.php","nonce":"362765da3d","locale":"en_US","text_dir":"ltr","months":{"full":["January","February","March","April","May","June","July","August","September","October","November","December"],"short":["Jan","Feb","Mar","Apr","May","Jun","Jul","Aug","Sep","Oct","Nov","Dec"]},"days":{"full":["Sunday","Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday","Friday","Saturday"],"short":["Sun","Mon","Tue","Wed","Thu","Fri","Sat"]},"meridiem":{"AM":"AM","am":"am","PM":"PM","pm":"pm"}}; Matt Smith, Varsity Assistant Coach Coach McDonald has 11 years of experience as a coach. filter: selector, Copyright 2019 St. Joseph Regional High School Football | Privacy Policy He now serves a full time role as the Transportation Manager for The Prep. background-color:#; } -moz-transition-duration: 0.8s; background-color:#; Previously, Coach McDonald was the baseball captain at Assumption College. /* */ jQuery('.team-member').each(function() { } return false; /* ]]> */ /* progress) { [CDATA[ */ /* All items displayed.<\/em>","infinite_blog_text":"Loading the next set of posts<\/em>","content_break_point":"800"}; easing: 'linear', Assistant Coach AllV Coaches i += 1; } jQuery('.team-member').find('.fill').css('width','0%'); /* ]]> */ Previously, hecoached the girls soccer team at Southern High School in Louisville, KY to their first win in five years. } "I love giving kids the opportunity to grow as people. var container = jQuery('.indeed_team_filter_4910'); current_set.each(function() { name title phone email; Rob Dwyer Head Coach 781-983-3780 [email protected] Roster Skater # Player Position Year Town GP G A Pts; 3 . }); [CDATA[ */ In the middle of the second quarter of the Philadelphia Catholic League Championship, St. Joseph Prep's mascot was playfully beating up kids along the gate outside of the field a metaphor for what was happening on the field, as the Hawks (7-1,4-0) held a 28-0 lead over . /* ]]> */ if (i > progress) { var fusionCountersBox = {"counter_box_speed":"1000"}; jQuery('.teamFilter_4910 div').click(function(){ On 12/3, the St. Joseph's Prep varsity football team won their neutral playoff game against Garnet Valley (Glen Mills, PA) by a score of 48-7. . .teamContainer li{ Coach Sheehan played volleyball and softball at Emmanuel College. } return false; .teamFilter_3134 .teamFilterlink-big_button:hover{ [CDATA[ */ /* ]]> */ } Powered By Reclaim Digital While at Bosco, he lettered in both varsity football and baseball. Evan Korol, Assistant Coach Coach Sheehan also captained 5 teams. Gant graduated from Saint Josephs University in 2018 with a BS in Finance and now works full time as an advisor at Kathmere Capital Management located in Wayne, PA. Tyler Sandora enters his 2nd season on the St. Joes Prep Tennis coaching staff. } .teamFilter_3134 .teamFilterlink-big_button:hover{ /* progress) { var fusionEqualHeightVars = {"content_break_point":"800"}; }); [CDATA[ */ i += 1; Carlos O'Donnell, Middle School Blue Head Coach var check = function() { Kristin Kelleher Shane O'Neill, Varsity AssistantCoach, Tim Broderick'05, Varsity Head Coach return false; $('#countdowntimer-2-dashboard').tminusCountDown({ Why does Coach Keady love coaching at SJP? var progress = current_fill.attr('data-progress-animation'); } /*